Six Process Pillars for Optimal Intercompany Billing

Guide: Top 5 Ways to Improve Global Vendor Invoice Management

In this guide we identify five actionable steps that can help your organization streamline vendor invoice management, mitigate risks, and eliminate costly errors.  

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Top 5 Ways to Improve Global Vendor Invoice Management

Vendor invoice management is challenging, let alone managing vendor invoices for large enterprises with an international footprint that can span multiple legal entities, tax jurisdictions, accounting standards underpinned by a diverse and equally complex financial and accounting software ecosystem.

To the 
uninitiated, invoice errors may seem like an accounting nuisance or a trivial miscalculation, but the reality is that these can result in millions of dollars in losses annually while also amplifying internal and external risks. 

For instance, accumulating too many fees and penalties resulting from frequent vendor disputes can fray relationships with key partners, or the lack of insight into total vendor spend can weaken contract negotiations and overall confidence in the process. 

Moreover, the inability to verify the accuracy of services delivered and then allocate those costs appropriately can gum up processes, frustrate staff and complicate the financial close. 

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  • Five actionable steps that can help your organization streamline vendor invoice management, mitigate risks, and eliminate costly errors
  • How to better manage the complexity of vendor invoices 
  • Ways to improve your company’s global vendor invoice management
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