Six Process Pillars for Optimal Intercompany Billing

Intercompany Accounting Success Story

Learn how Paymaster by FourQ Systems increased a BPO vendor’s on-time payments by 98% through improved invoicing efficiency and dispute resolution.

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A More Efficient Way to Process Invoices

A BPO absorbed 5-6K employees from a client and needed a more cost-efficient and timely way to process invoices and make payments across multiple ERPs in 13 countries. It also wished to meet the client’s request for price concessions. The FourQ team of experts collaborated with the vendor and the client to understand their complete invoice submissions system, dispute process, tax exposures, workflows, and KPIs.

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  • The unique pain points experienced by this company's intercompany function
  • The process FourQ followed for resolving these pain points
  • Solutions and strategies implemented for success
  • Key results experienced as part of the Paymaster solution