Six Process Pillars for Optimal Intercompany Billing

On-Demand Webinar: How to Automate Global Intercompany Billing Processes

Learn how a Fortune 500 company sought to build an intercompany billing solution to invoice Corporate & Business divisions for services provided in an automated and tax-efficient manner.

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Interacting with over 100 ERP instances, the solution needed to automatically process billing entries and produce tax compliant outcomes in 100+ countries, protect against audits and penalties, provide billing transparency to stakeholders, and automate burdensome manual processes.

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  • Pioneered an automated intercompany billing system that manages billions in service transactions and associated taxes
  • Designed a solution to navigate a complex global ERP landscape
  • Are Driving BEAT, indirect tax and transfer pricing compliance, analysis and improvement
  • Are Navigating a globally-dynamic tax and accounting environment while improving shared service center services and adding value to the bottom line

In this webinar, we explore the whole journey from technology development through global usage and rollout strategy.